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SXC 1011

SXC 1011 Diagnostic Code Scanner is a reliable diagnostic tool for EOBD and OBD II recommended for LPG/CNG installation shops. Diagnostic Code Scanner easily retrives trouble codes from your vehicle's computer which occur after detaching sensors durign the installation. It also correctly diagnoses errors during LPG/CNG installation service.

Advantages of SXC 1011 Diagnostic Code Scanner:
  • faultless error diagnosis
  • high technology allows quick and easy elimination of trouble codes
  • compatibility with all available OBD communication protocols
  • high workmanship quality for reasonable price
  • supplied by engine diagnostic connector (no other supply needed)
  • plug and play operation
  • free of charge software updating through Internet and ability to add new brands
  • easy to read large screen
  • quick installation diagnostics

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