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images STAG-300 QMAX BASIC is a new, economic line of the Q-generation. Designed for 5-8 cylinder engines with indirect fuel injection. Its features include an advanced technical design, representative for the line of Q-generation controllers, combined with an economic package of built-in functions..

Features of QMAX BASIC
  • equipped with ISA3 autoadaptation system
  • supported by Ac STAG software
  • supported by mobile applications: StagMobile and GasComputer
  • compatible with ISA2
  • competitive price.
Designed for automotive
The processor has been designed and manufactured for use only in automotive applications which possess  excellent performance parameters.

Innovative ISA3 autoadaptation system 
ISA3 is an innovative approach to autoadaptation, which is based on the real time of petrol injection pulses.
ISA3 features::
  • a specially designed  map of correction, which is independent of rpm corrections vs. injection pulsing,
  • precise acquisition of the reference map for petrol pulsing, taking into account engine temperature,
  • identification of the closed and open loop mode in real time.
Compatible with ISA2
Compatible with the older STAG-300 ISA 6 and 8 controllers with respect to the harness compatibility. It can be used as a replacement. Replacement of the older controller with STAG-300 QMAX BASIC is performed in the Plug&Play mode - just disconnect the old controller (e.g. the damaged one) and connect the new one. You get a new generation system without any modification to the harness.

Safety for many years
The longest guarantee in the STAG range, which confirms the excellence of the controller.

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