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images Modern and compact controller.
QBOX PLUS and QNEXT PLUS modern and compact controllers  with an advanced feature which  allows you to customize the perfect autogas settings in almost every car.
Controllers is intended for vehicles with 4-cylinder engines with indirect fuel injection.

  • auto-adaptation OBD,
  • innovative auto-adaptation ISA 3,
  • support for CAN and K-LINE according with OBD2/EOBD,
  • extended options for reading OBD with auto error canceller,
  • overlap when switching fuel. 
Dedicated for automotive
The processor is designed and manufactured only for use in automobiles, features many characteristics and flawless use.

The innovative system auto-adaptation ISA3
ISA 3 is an innovative approach to auto-adaptation, which should be done after the actual time of gasoline injection with some OBD parameters. ISA3 is:
  • dedicated map correction  independent on the injection time correction turns,
  • collection of accurate reference card petrol injection time, taking into account the temperature of the engine,
  • recognition modes of closed and open loop in real time,
  • view the oxygen sensor  signal from OBD of the vehicle. 
Auto-adaptation OBD
Auto-adaptation OBD guarantees gas injection, exactly suited to the operating conditions and engine load. Influence on the composition of the mixture not only has information about the time of injection of gasoline, but also the modification in accordance with correction of current gasoline unit.

Automatic OBD error canceller
Automatic OBD error canceller provides deletion of selected OBD malfunctions, without the need of connecting external devices.

Built-in fuel level emulator

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