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In order to provide our end customers with products, which meet all their expectations regarding quality and operation, we have created MINIKIT AC.

MINIKIT AC is a LPG kit including STAG-300 plus or STAG-4 controller with wire set and accessories (pressure sensor, two temperature sensors, petrol/LPG switch, LPG level indicator, buzzer, software, and cable ties), reducer, injection rail and gaseous phase filter. In our kits, only those components which have been tested for reliability and appropriate configuration have been used. As the result of our efforts, we offer a few dozen of MINIKITS AC for 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-cylinder engines.

When selecting MINIKIT, please make sure that the reducer matches the engine power (sometimes it is necessary to use two reducers).
Currently, in our MINIKITS we use components of the following manufacturers:

  • STAG AC W01
  • STAG AC W02
  • STAG AC W03
  • VALTEK type 34
  • VALTEK type 30
TOMASETTO ALASKA (for engines with power up to 90 hp),
 AC R01 150 (for engines with power up to 150 hp),
 AC R01 250 (for engines with power up to 250 hp),

AC R02
If in your purchased kit there are components or they are not marked with the AUTOGAZ AC logo, the kit should not be branded MINIKIT AC. If in doubt, please contact us. Please see the contents of a sample MINIKIT AC on the attached photograph. In order to obtain a full offer, please contact our Distributors (customers from Poland) or visit us (cust. from abroad).

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